Since 2001, the Embody Museum stands to educate and preserve all ethnographic studies and tribal cultures . With an extensive collection educating cultural anthropology, the Embody Collection features documentary photography by former National Geographic Photographer, Christian Noni, and rare relics spanning five thousand years of world culture from every part of the globe.

Our mission is to continue to stand as one of the leading foundations continuing to teach the greater population the significance of ancestral heritage, tradition and the importance to preservation tribal cultures and biological conservation. For more information, please contact us. 

our research:  mummies

Three mummies from Wellcome Collection - two originally from Peru in South America and one from ancient Egypt - were scanned and analysed in order to find out more about how these ancient people lived and died. The scans were also rendered for use in an interactive touch-screen table that visitors can find in the the Reading Room at Wellcome Collection. 


featured Press

National Geographic Magazine 2009 | Photography | Dominican Republic

University of Wyoming 2009 | Exhibition of Tribal Antiquities

Denver Art Museum 2011 | Pre-Columbian Jewelry Exhibition