Q: Does the embody museum accept long-term loans?

A: The museum does not accept long-term loans due to the cost involved. However, the Museum accepts loan materials on a short-term basis in conjunction with exhibitions and other programs

Q: Can the museum appraise my artifact?

A: The IRS and museum ethics restrict the museum from providing appraisals of artifacts. The cost of obtaining an appraisal is the responsibility of the donor. To find a licensed appraiser, please contact one of the following organizations:

American Society of Appraisers http://www.appraisers.org/
International Society of Appraisers http://www.isa-appraisers.org/
Appraisers Association of America http://www.appraisersassoc.org/

If you are interested in finding a conservator, visit The American Institute for Conservation at www.conservation-us.org.

Q: Are the artifacts in the embody collection for sale?

A: Historically, some artifacts have been sold to other curators and Museums. Our pieces have also been on long-term loan to support exhibitions or feature in printed or televised media. 

Q: Can I offer an artifact to be sold/donated to the embody museum?

A: Artifacts brought to the collection without first submitting an Proposed Artifact Submission form [below] or making an appointment cannot be accepted. After carefully reviewing your submission, we will contact you with next steps to process. Please note that not all artifacts considered for donation or to be purchased can be added to the collection can be accepted.